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Learn Bankable Digital Skills To Help Create Your Income Online

  • Monetised Website Development

    Create websites that generate automated cash-flow for lifestyle, or leads and sales for your business

  • Website Investment

    Buy websites that are already generating online income and build an online ‘real estate’ portfolio

  • Fully Supported Training

    Get yourself up to speed with live training events and the full support of our awesome team

About The Founders

Matt and Liz are successful online entrepreneurs and recognised experts in website and business investment. After building their own a portfolio of passive money-making websites, they are now Angel Investors and provide digital marketing and business education and training.

Matt and Liz are advisors in buying and selling businesses valued at up to $20 million and help their students generate cash-flow from websites, and build high cash flow, debt-free website portfolios.

The Digital Shift Is Coming

Current reports predict that over 40% of Australian jobs will be lost due to disruptive technology and digitisation over the next 20 years. Will your job or career be safe?

  • Even 'Safe' Jobs At Risk

    Traditionally secure careers and sectors like law, accounting, insurance, administration, transportation, accommodation and travel are under high levels of change and digital disruption

  • Online Business Skills Are Becoming Essential

    If you are in business and don’t have an understanding of digital marketing, you will probably be overcharged and under-serviced – making it hard to stay profitable and ahead of the competition

  • Two Thirds of Students Studying For Jobs That Won't Exist

    According to the Foundation For Young Australians, students need more digitally focussed education. More than 90% of Australia’s current workforce will need digital skills to be able to perform their roles in the next 2-5 years

  • Learn Bankable Digital Skills

    The key is to learn the digital skills that can make you money going into the future – whether through a safer job or career, through business, or through investment in online assets

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