Website For Sale – $1,100 per month in Underwater Welding!

Flippa sells website in bizarre niche

Have you considered buying websites for passive income? A lot has changed in the last few months, and generating an alternative side income has never been more important. Buying websites for profit is an investment strategy that can quickly add some nice additional cashflow. And with current changes in the marketplace, now is actually a…

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From Corporate Grind To Lifestyle Digital Business Owners

Digitalsurfer Agency wins Award for Excellence from Ebusiness Institute

How this couple quit their full-time corporate grind jobs & incomes to spend more time with their young kids by working online Pete and Renee were doing the long, long corporate grind hours that senior managers need to do these days. Sure, the money was great – Renee had a high end managerial role for…

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Website For Sale Showcase – $1,000 per month From Water Heaters

Buying a website off Flippa with Ben Weiss

Can you simply buy an alternative passive $1,000 per month side income? There has been a lot of interest in people earning an alternative side income in light of the economic uncertainties caused by the global pandemic. Buying and finding profitable websites for sale can help you rapidly create a nice passive side income stream.…

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2020 Market Trends with Flippa CEO Blake Hutchison

Online market trends with Blake Hutchison and matt and liz raad

Are there NEW opportunities in the buy and sell websites marketplace due to Corona Lockdown? In this article… Get valuable insights into future growth niches on the internet What are the biggest profitable money making trends online for 2020? Where are the easy wins online that the buying and selling website market can now show…

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