Website For Sale Showcase – $1,000 per month From Water Heaters

Buying a website off Flippa with Ben Weiss

Can you simply buy an alternative passive $1,000 per month side income? There has been a lot of interest in people earning an alternative side income in light of the economic uncertainties caused by the global pandemic. Buying and finding profitable websites for sale can help you rapidly create a nice passive side income stream.…

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2020 Market Trends with Flippa CEO Blake Hutchison

Online market trends with Blake Hutchison and matt and liz raad

Are there NEW opportunities in the buy and sell websites marketplace due to Corona Lockdown? In this article… Get valuable insights into future growth niches on the internet What are the biggest profitable money making trends online for 2020? Where are the easy wins online that the buying and selling website market can now show…

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3 Quick Website Fix Up Tips

3 Quick Website Improvements

This week I’ve been doing a bunch of private coaching calls with our students who are building and buying websites to help give them ideas in improving their websites as quickly as possible. These are awesome websites with excellent simple renovation opportunities – exactly the kind I like as there are quick and easy website…

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How Podcasting Can launch Your Online Business

Liz Raad interviews Ash Roy on podcasting

Are you ready to start an online business, and looking for a way to engage your ideal audience straightaway? Podcasts are an amazing medium that are becoming more and more popular. Over half the US population have downloaded at least one episode, so this is a strategy you really want to pay attention to. I…

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Amazon’s Affiliate Commission Update 2020: What to do?

Help for Amazon Affiliate rate changes

Have you been affected by the recent changes to the Amazon Affiliate Program? If you are on the Amazon affiliate program you will have received the email about the new commission structure updates. This isn’t the first time Amazon (or Google or any affiliate company!) have  made changes like this, which is why we always…

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New Opportunity To Build Websites For Local Businesses

Local Newspapers Closing Digital Opportunity

Many of our Graduates find that building small, simple websites for small local businesses is a relatively easy and quick way to generate an income online working from home. For instance, this is how Ward was able to retrain and completely change his career so he could work from home online after losing his corporate…

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How Ward Replaced His Income Digitally After Losing His Job

Ward and Lorraine Retrain to Work From Home Full Time

In today’s student success story we interview Ward who suddenly found himself retrenched and decided to retrain in digital so he could work from home. Ward was working in the oil and gas industry as a senior engineering manager. Things were looking nice and comfortable, but out of the blue he was retrenched. Going from…

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Do You Need A Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions On Your Website?

Do You Need A Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions On Your Website?

Today I talk with Jeanette Jifkins, who explains how a privacy policy and terms and conditions protects both you and your visitors who come to your site. These simple tips are easy to setup straight away on your website. CLICK ON THE VIDEO BELOW to hear from Jeanette Jifkins Matt Raad:               I’m here today with…

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How To Build An E-commerce Store For Your Local Charity

ecommerce store for charity

Ways to help Local Thrift shops get online? (because they now need to!) So I had a call today from a retired business friend of ours who is involved in his local church community who was very concerned about the fact that they have had to close down their local thrift shop in a regional…

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Corona Market Update – Will The Market Go Lower?

SPY500 Index chart april 2020

Last night we ran a special update webinar to look at the latest economic situation as the Coronvirus pandemic rolls out across the world. Many things are have changed in even just the last week including my personal views on the share market and the economy. This webinar is split into three main parts: Why…

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