Website for Sale in Legal Niche Making Over $4,000 per Month

Empire Flippers Review of website for sale

Imagine owning a semi-passive website that makes over $4,000 a month on only 3 hours work a week When you’re looking create an additional source of cash flow, content-based websites are a really leveraged way of doing this. The majority of time, money and effort taken to grow this type of online business comes from…

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Website for Sale – Wedding Directory Making $3,000 Per Month

buying a ready made website on Flippa

Here’s why you should consider building or buying Directory websites to generate semi-passive income… We have been focusing a lot on Directory websites with our students lately. They can be very lucrative digital assets and if you get them big enough can sometimes sell for Millions of dollars. But even as small niche websites you…

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Special Market Insights with Empire Flippers CEO Justin Cooke

How to buy websites with Justin Cooke from Empire Flippers

In the current economic climate is now the right time to buy or sell websites? Should you be buying established websites right now? – are there any bargains, have prices come down? Or, should you be selling your online business because so many people now are looking for a way to earn income online =…

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Ready Made Website For Sale – Makes $3,000 Per Month From Generators

Buying a Website off Empire Flippers with Marco Reeves

Are you looking for an extra $3,000 per month from a semi-passive website? Should I buy an established website to create alternative methods of cashflow and steady income streams? Buying and selling websites for profit is a way that we teach our students to build themselves a semi-passive income that they can do while still…

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Website For Sale – $1,100 per month in Underwater Welding!

Flippa sells website in bizarre niche

Have you considered buying websites for passive income? A lot has changed in the last few months, and generating an alternative side income has never been more important. Buying websites for profit is an investment strategy that can quickly add some nice additional cashflow. And with current changes in the marketplace, now is actually a…

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Website For Sale Showcase – $1,000 per month From Water Heaters

Buying a website off Flippa with Ben Weiss

Can you simply buy an alternative passive $1,000 per month side income? There has been a lot of interest in people earning an alternative side income in light of the economic uncertainties caused by the global pandemic. Buying and finding profitable websites for sale can help you rapidly create a nice passive side income stream.…

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Top 10 Tips To Make More Money Online

Matt and Liz Raad teach How To Make Money Online

Tip #1: The Importance of Making Money While You Sleep Over the last 10 years, wages in Australia and America have not grown very much at all. That means that if you’re just working in a PAYG job, and not putting any money into any other investments that grow, you’ll be left behind. The people…

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Do You Need To Set Up A Company To Buy Websites?

Jeanette Jifkins and Matt Raad on do I need a company to buy websites

When you’re buying yourself a portfolio of websites, or building websites for yourself or others, it’s easy to try and over-complicate things. A common question Liz and I are asked is whether you need to have a company structure setup before you start buying and selling websites. I think it’s an important question to address,…

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Why 2020 Is The Year To Buy Websites

Why 2020 is the year to buy websites with Matt & Liz Raad

2020 is shaping up to be the year (and decade) to build and buy websites for passive income and turn your digital skills into massive profits. NOW is the time to be laying the foundations and setting yourself up financially for the future decade. There are awesome opportunities opening up now with online businesses that…

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Can buying and selling websites be lucrative?

Liz Raad interviews student Mark about how buying websites can be lucrative

Have you ever thought to yourself it would be nice to have a bit of extra cash around Christmas time? Imagine for a moment having a semi-passive asset that triples its income over the festive season. That’s exactly what happened for one of our students, Mark. He bought a website a mere 6 months ago,…

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