Digital Investor Summit 2021

Join us for three days of website investment training and set yourself up with the skills to make $10,000 a month or more, from building or buying websites for profit.

Australia's Premier Website Investment Summit


Learn The Skills You Need To Start, Run or Buy A Digital Business

In just three days accelerate your learning on the best ways to earn income online

  • Live Digital training designed for any level

    Whether you are just starting out or already have a portfolio, you’ll boost your results with new confidence and strategies

  • New Strategies To Generate Online Cash-Flow

    How to buy profitable websites + our new and best money-making websites, niches and markets for this year and beyond

  • Hear Real Students Successes

    You’ll get to meet students who are making 6 & 7-figure incomes from their online businesses. Be inspired by their journeys, they all started at this event!

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Student Only Event: Contact our office if you are not currently enrolled!

eBusiness Institute Digital Investors Summit

Become part of a unique group of online investors and website renovators


This training event will help you accelerate your results online, and to become a successful website investor

Whether your goal is an extra $2,000-$5,000-$10,000 dollars a month to allow you to quit work, or as a supplementary side income or if it’s to create a multi-million dollar website portfolio, this event will help you accelerate your journey and turbo charge your results.

This is an information packed workshop with lots of live practical demonstrations and opportunities to network with other website investors and online entrepreneurs.

Matt and Liz Raad website investment mentors

Presented by Matt and Liz Raad, Website Investment Coaches

Focused Learning To Boost Your Online Results

This workshop is a valuable part of your Digital Investors Program membership and will help you increase your online income and build your website portfolio faster and easier

You’re going to experience 3 full days with us and learn our latest strategies and techniques for building, renovating, buying and selling websites.

Matt Raad website investment coach
Reserve Your Tickets NOW To Guarantee Your Spot!

Student Only Event: Contact our office if you are not currently enrolled!

What Can You Expect At This Summit?

Three days of powerful LIVE training with Matt and Liz Raad in building, buying and selling websites to fast-track your digital cash-flow, and create a portfolio of valuable online assets

This was an absolutely brilliant 3 day workshop filled with practical strategies to build digital skills and income. Liz and matt are among the most genuine and giving presenters I have ever been fortunate enough to connect with. They are completely committed to help people be successful. They have an amazing community who are completely inspirational and achieving significant success. Great energy and a great community!

Carolyn Ingram , Wollongong, NSW

I have attended many seminars/workshops and this has to be one of the best run and presented workshops I’ve been to. Absolutely inspirational with fabulous leading edge content. An Awesome event! Matt & Liz and the whole crew (and Graduates) have been so giving with their time and extremely generous with the information they share

Rod Bateman, Qld

This is by far the best knowledge based workshop I have been to. Easy to understand and I feel confident I can implement all the ideas and strategies and be a success online

Grace Nisbet, Sydney, NSW

You won’t be disappointed. Matt & Liz are genuine, caring, trustworthy and extremely knowledgeable in their field of online business. The workshop was very informative and motivational. Full of good ideas and ability to provide you with back up in this field of online business

Rocco Verrelli, Sydney, NSW

Here's a small taste of what we will be covering at this years Summit...

The sites we buy and build and why – our strategy behind what we do

The latest on how to do website due diligence 2021

Valuing websites – how much should you pay for a website? And how much is your own website worth – you may be surprised.

Building an automated portfolio of websites

Website design and renovation – maximise your returns

Search Engine Optimisation

NEW: Building a website for the BIG sell out!

The BIG Deals – how they really work, why and what worked and your big ideas generator – PLUS hear from successful graduates who have done it – 12 months ago they were sitting in the audience just like you and got the idea & the inspiration

Leveraging your online business – into bigger deals or to free up your time

Both Active and Passive strategies for earning income online

Active - if you want quicker results and have more time

Passive - perfect if you are time poor or can only work on this part time in the evenings

Creating your own strategy – what’s the smartest & most effective way for you to make money online - What website strategy might suit you best personally


Matt and Liz Raad Website Investment Summit Speakers
eBusiness Institute Website Investment Conference
Website Investment Summit Star Amanda Steele

Learn and Be Inspired By Our Successful Students!

Come and see how we educate, mentor and help our students succeed in creating successful online businesses.

You will see first-hand how we have been able to help so many of our students succeed in quitting their jobs and earning their incomes online or transition from full time stressful employment to having the digital skills to work from home.

Graduates speak at Website Investment Summit
Lucy Walter speaks at Website Investment Summit
Chris Dinham speaks at Digital Investment Summit with Matt and Liz Raad
Graduates Of The Year awarded at Digital Investment Summit

Hear first hand and learn from their journey – their challenges, what it took to get them going, to get them over the line and earning their first $1000 on autopilot, their journey from corporate jobs to working from home or replacing their incomes, earning 5,6 & 7 figures from transitioning to online income

Parramatta Web Design awarded at Digital Training Conference
Polar Webdesign awarded at Digital Training Conference
Kath and Rob Rushford speak at eBusiness Institute live training event
eBusiness Institute Graduates at Digital Marketing Training Event

Its no coincidence that many of our most successful graduates revisit this summit each year – just the networking alone is amazing!

Matt and Liz are the most genuine and positive presenters who are incredibly generous in sharing their vast expertise and knowledge. They inspire, encourage, educate and motivate. Always so valuable, we come back year after year.

Kym Stevens, Sippy Downs, QLD

I'm so impressed with how well managed these events are, but also how you manage to attract such an amazing group of people and create such a wholesome atmosphere. I am very proud to be part of the Champions family

Vicky Trainor, Melbourne, VIC

Just loved, loved, loved the last 3 days. I have met so many inspiring people, expanded my mindset on whats possible in my life. A big thank you to Liz and Matt Raad for the gift of passing on all their wonderful knowledge – truly inspiring – I haven’t felt this positive about my future for the last 10 years.

Kelly-Anne, Brisbane, QLD

The 3 days was an amazing insight into the digital world and the incredible monies and lifestyles people are creating for themselves in it. Ordinary people achieving extraordinary results. Loved it!

Jenny Banks, Kingscliffe NSW

Amazing Networking with High Achievers - Be Inspired By Our Vibrant Digital Investor Community!

  • Closed Door Event

    Only for our premium students including Digital Investors, and Champions members and their invited guests

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Digital Investors Summit 2021 Details


TBA  - 2021

9.00am - 5.30pm each day



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