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This introductory course will give you valuable digital skills for your career or business. You will learn a simple process that you can use to get a website generating more leads, sales and profits PLUS surprising social media shortcuts that will give you the best results for the least effort

Your Outcomes From this Training Program

  • The ability to look at any website and know how to increase its traffic and profits
  • Know how to use social media effectively in your business and career
  • Gain confidence in digital skills that will help you increase your income
  • Start your career as a digital marketer
  • Get a certificate of completion with a transcript showing 6 hours of tuition that may be used for professional development points in some industries
  • Understand the future digital trends, how they will affect your business or job, and how to position yourself for success

Here's What You'll Learn...

  • Website Analysis In Minutes

    An easy analysis system that will help you see why a website or online strategy isn’t performing like it should. A checklist that every business should have covered!

  • Simple Checklists To Follow

    20 questions to ask any business about their website, and 20 fast and easy strategies you can apply to increase SEO results, traffic, leads, sales and profits – just follow these simple checklists!

  • Fast & Easy Website Design That WORKS

    Find out how to get buyers onto the website and buying more – day after day, year after year

  • Social Media Shortcuts

    Stop wasting time on social media – find out where to focus to get best results with 3 simple strategies to generate leads or increase brand awareness

  • Spy On Customers & Competitors

    Leverage Google’s big data and find out exactly what people are searching for, and how to spy on your competitors to get the advantage you need to succeed – you will be amazed at the information that is available!

  • Find The Hidden Gold In Any Business or Product

    The first step that EVERY business or website owner should take before marketing online, and the one that could make you millions

What Graduates Say...

Who Are Your Tutors?

Matt and Liz Raad are business and website investors who have been marketing for 20 years, and online marketing for over 10 years. They have generated millions of dollars in sales and trained thousands of people in their strategies for digital marketing and business success.

They are recognised as experts in buying, renovating and selling websites and businesses valued at up to $20 Million, and are also Angel Investors and mentors.

Their mission is to produce practically-skilled digital graduates who have an excellent understanding of the fundamentals of marketing, as well as skills in the new digital communication methods, tools and opportunities that are available.

Why Is the Course Currently Free?

For many people, digital marketing is a foreign world full of unfamiliar terms and high-tech, complex sounding processes. It's hard to know where to start, and even harder to find someone who can break it all down into simple, easy to follow steps.

They don't realise that with the right teacher and the right key knowledge, they can be digital marketing whizzes - better than most web-developers and IT experts!

So at this stage, we have made this course free to give you the opportunity to see if this is something you like, and empower you with the fundamentals that will give you clarity and set you up with good digital skills for the future.

And if you do like it, you'll have the opportunity to continue your studies in both accredited and non-accredited online courses that will help you succeed in a career or business for the future!

Who Should Enrol For The Digital Kickstarter Program?

  • Beginners

    If you don’t know much about digital marketing or have no experience, then this is the perfect way to get the foundations quickly and easily

  • Upskillers

    Learn new digital skills that can help you change careers, earn more and secure your position for the future

  • Students

    Whether you’re finishing school, college or uni, this will give you an introduction to an exciting new career and practical skills you can use to help find a great job

  • Entrepreneurs

    If you have a big idea, you need to know how to create a website and digital marketing campaign that will launch your business and get the word out fast

  • Business Owners

    Wondering why your online advertising isn’t delivering the results you want? You’ll get all the answers in just one day of training

  • Working From Home

    Digital Marketing can be done from anywhere, so if you need a flexible career or home based business that’s future-proof, this is the place to start

5 More Reasons Why This Is the Best Investment You'll Make In Yourself This Year...

1. It will help you future-proof your career, no matter what industry you are in. Shortages in digital skills across the world and the rapid rise of start-ups and tech companies give those with proper training amazing advantages

2. You'll get 6 hours of digital tuition for free, plus get a certificate of completion that you can add to your resume or even use for professional development points in many industries

3. You'll hear direct from real online entrepreneurs the strategies they use to renovate websites every day, real live practical training on real live websites

4. You'll get simple strategies and immediate value from completing the course, that you can implement immediately

5. The chance to start from scratch and really understand how the online marketplace works  - for many people it's a mystery and it feels like everything is moving so fast. Now is the time to get the foundations in place so you have more confidence going forward into the future.

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